Tuesday 15 October 2013

Jawmunji Wordle 2013

Since one of my readers did a Wordle for me a few years ago, every now and then I like to do another one. It's both interesting and amusing. I try to keep my writings here interesting and amusing - my aim is always that you will go away either entertained, or having learnt something, or even better, both :)

I love the "just play guitar" main words, particularly with a little "well" in front of it. Although, I use "just" too much in my writing...hmm...must remember to back off on that.

I'm obviously a positive sort of chap too: "good, great, right, well, like, really, much". You can tell what this blog is about: "play, guitar, playing, songs, sound, hear, bass, music, video." There's little phrase gems hidden about too: "still got years need songs"..."now music stuff really".

"Song fingerstyle something good!"



  1. Hey mate, seems there's a problem with the mp3 of "Say Goodbye to Holywood" - cannot download this one, and I need it to sell the full CD in the streets... Just kidding. If you have a minute to fix this, I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one to appreciate it - thanks in advance ;) and have a nice one

    1. Seems I missed that one...and some others! I have updated, thanks for letting me know. I hope you get top dollar on the street! :)