Friday 7 January 2022

What's happening January 2022

Happy new year!  I've been on holidays for nearly 3 weeks, the longest I have had in a while.  Not even doing any home renovations (my usual 'holidays') just bludging around...watching TV and playing video games with the missus, staying up too late and sleeping in, and playing plenty of guitar.

I recorded two videos and I recorded the first with three cameras and one microphone, and then the second with three cameras and two microphones.  I like to use two microphones but when I'm feeling lazy I just use one (when I use three cameras it's a lot more work to video edit).  But I noticed the slightly hollow audio so I went with two the second recording.  And it got me thinking.  So I recorded a video about it

That video took over a full day to produce...I was rusty with my tutorial video recording skills, I hadn't done one for a year.  It's a good skill to have, I should keep doing them.  I even subtitled it - I have found in the past that even I struggle to understand what I'm mumbling about, so what chance does a non-Australian have?  But in creating this video it really reinforced my belief that two condenser microphones in a quiet room is an ideal way to record acoustic audio.  Note to self - always use two microphones.

Spent a lot of time tidying up some tabs for my supporters, still to record is 'White Room' and 'I Want to Break Free'.  Holidays are nearly over, so it will be a month or two.

I play monthly at my local church in the band, I've noticed it has helped my tempo playing with others.  Not fixed, but helped...I noticed because when I recorded some guitar in my discussion video I had to play to a metronome and I didn't struggle to do it as much as normal. I think that is a good thing :-)