Sunday 21 September 2008

What's happening September 2008

I've got Naudo's Crazy Little Thing Called Love more or less complete, well, good enough to make a video and post it.  It's just a matter of finding the time and currently the missus and I are revisiting some Star Trek episodes, which is taking up all my available spare time.  Yeah I know, very nerdy but we do love our Star Trek.  We should have processed the last ones we have queued in about 2 weeks.

I did however scrounge together about 2 hours last week and worked out the verse for Jealous Guy.  It's relatively straight forward you will be pleased to know.  It should only be about 5-10 hours to get it tabbed up.  It's nice to play, feels good.  Nothing too tricky so far, no tough chord work just yet.

Meanwhile, on youtube I've been slipping down the ratings board; I'm currently sitting at about number 25 most subscribed in Australia.  I swap between 25 and 26 with another guitarist, a young-ish girl.  It's pretty hard to compete with pretty young things especially the ones that play the guitar and sing with lovely voices ;)  The only ammo I've got is that people like my tabs, that's what keeps me on the scoreboard at all.  There are plenty of better guitarists out there than me!

I have been watching Delta Goodrem catch up to me, and I reckon I've got about 2 months before she overtakes.  It will be a sad day, I've enjoyed being ranked higher than Delta ;)  Kylie Minogue was once below me...but she overtook pretty fast.  Delta joined up about the same time as me, so it's been a fair fight.  Kylie was a much newer member, but she's a pop princess so no suprises there.

There was one time, about when the Australian scoreboard first started up, that I was in the top 20 - okay, I was 19th.  I should have taken a screendump :)

Saturday 6 September 2008

Jealous Guy

A while back I ripped all of Naudos songs to mp3 and a CD of them has been playing in my car non stop for nearly a year now.  Rather than just listen, I analyse what he is up to, and what I could do with the song if I had a try.  I decided about 6 months ago that I should get a few "easy keepers" into my repetoir; songs like "Baby can I hold you" and "Losing my religion" are easy to learn and remember, but most importantly they sound great.

For the past week I've had "Jealous Guy" on repeat.  Which means about 3 plays between my house and the train station.  The song suits what I've currently been working with - very deliberate strum, simple bassline and a high note melody on top.  I particularly love the bridge he put in there as well.  He is the king of improvising a solo in a well known song that obeys the laws and theme of the tune.

So anyway, sometime soon I'm going to start tabbing out Jealous Guy.  I'm pretty busy with work and the family at the moment, so don't expect it soon. I haven't played the guitar for about 5 days in a row at the moment, I'm getting withdrawal pain! ;)