Saturday 29 August 2020

What's happening August 2020

Quiet month on the guitar front, I've recently spent time purchasing a second hand car with manual transmission, fixing it up/servicing it and teaching my eldest daughter how to drive it...

I play "Sweet child of mine" through almost every day, it is locked in.  Most of my arrangements go from development stage to learning stage through a brief period of tweaking.  I add in extra notes, fiddle with the structure, play with it until it feels release-worthy. All done now, just practice and get ready for release!

Patreon has inspired me, I have another piece or two for release next month.  It is quiet there too, no new members for a while, but if you don't produce content madly that is expected!  Although I had begun drafting my "How to play Jawmunji's tabs" last month I have made no further progress. I need to get excited about it again, it is going to be just as important work as the tabs themselves!