Sunday 23 June 2019

What's happening June 2019

So busy, mostly with volunteering for kid things.  It's nice, I have a netball team and I am the chairman of a kids orchestra organisation, but it's left no time for me! No gigging, no youtube, no blogging...but I'm not sure I could ever stop playing. See previous blogs about obsession.

So quick one in between work/family/commitments (must remember to so "no" next year) - a few weeks back I happened across an Ennio Moricone piece, which I have always loved, and always wanted to play.  I checked a couple of fingerstyle versions on youtube, the only one I liked was by Luciano Renan, but some of the ways he was approaching it didn't fit my style, and more importantly I wanted something "quick and easy". So in true JAW style I started making my own arrangement based heavily on his one.  Still needs work and I'm not sure if I like the structure just yet, but here's a demo :-)


Ecstasy of Gold demo: