Saturday 31 December 2022

New years eve noodle!

Ah, seeing Naudo post this old classic again made me get out my guitar and noodle: Naudo Angie

I wrote down some of the notes I was hearing, and added some extras I wanted to hear, but left out some that I couldn't hear... or play.  Here's some scribble, I'm not sure if I will take this on, so I'm posting this just in case I don't!

Tuesday 27 December 2022

Jawmunji word cloud 2022

I haven't done a word cloud for ages, let's look at one generated by for my 2022 posts!

The big stand out words come from the work I did on guitar necks and nuts this year. 

"Album" features because of a huge article I wrote - and have edited numerous times - about the albums that have influenced me.

My article on swing made it no surprise that the word "swing" got a high rating.  Yah to swing!

"Play" and "guitar" - I'd be disappointed if they weren't there. I was happy to see the word "just" didn't crack a mention. I just say "just" just too much!

Yep, it all sounds like me.  "Good Play Go!"  "Make Album Right!"  "One More Nut!"  "Now Song Guitar Another Classic Need!"


Saturday 24 December 2022

Every Stalk You Make

A few weeks back I discussed my lunchtime office playing with a work mate, and mentioned that I had a stalker - someone who I'd seen a few times, sitting in a booth at the very back mostly hidden, never saying anything.  He asked if I played any stacker songs.  I immediately thought "Every Breath You Take", but as the internet shows there have been quite a few stalker songs written.  And then The Algorithm got me - when I next looked at my Youtube feed up came Gabriella's recent version of "Any Breath You Take".  She played it in a style similar to how I would play it, so I picked up the guitar and had a crack.

I started on a G chord which was what I heard in my head. The chord progression turned out to be the basic doo-wap (Stand By Me chord progression) so G - Em - C - D. But wait! There are super tasty 2nd intervals in there, which come through loud and clear in the studio recording guitar riff.  My understanding is we refer to them a Major Ninths - I guess if you played a G with the A two semitones up it would sound bad, but if you play the G and the A an octave + two semitones up it sounds delicious. What made me even happier with that is the Em becomes Em add 9 which is The Pink Floyd Chord, the first chord on the Dark Side of the Moon Album. Happy days!

When I looked back at Gabriella's version, I noticed she started on A.  Ah, interesting. I then looked it up and the actual song starts on Ab.  Too late, I had my heart set on G so I could play The Pink Floyd Chord :-) I didn't look at Gabriella's version again, but thanks for inspiring me Gabby!

It took under a week to arrange it "JAW style" learn it and memorise it, it is now in my Friday rotation, ready for any stalkers I might have. "Oh that beautiful wedding song!" "You mean that creepy stalker song?"

I really need to record some songs for you all don't I.  Tell you what, for now, grab your guitar and play the intro as a primer:


Thanks to for having a html cleaner that thinks the same as I do. I probably should stop writing in html but it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

Thanks also to for some interesting and well laid out insights into this song!