Tuesday 11 October 2011

Video record fail...with some Pink Floyd consolation

Grabbed an opportunity last night to record the new song for youtube.  I stupidly put a lot of pressure on myself, and by take four my left hand had cramped up.  It's a regular issue for me now - if I play the same song more than say 3 or 4 times back to back, I'm using the same muscles over and over, they don't like it.  Not all songs, but generally, most songs I arrange have some part in them that hurts if you repeat it too much too often.  In this case, "Stupid Girl", you hang onto a G7 with a second string D for a long time.  When I first worked on "Something" it got so bad I did some sort of tissue damage to my pinky (I've talked about that before), fortunately, after about *a year* there were no further problems.

So I gave up.  I don't like the idea of a years worth or recovery again.

But, not to totally waste the opportunity, I played some different stuff.  I'm due for a re-record of some of my earlier posted songs.  Unfortunately the hand cramping didn't help, so both the songs did not meet my "stringent" requirements for what I will allow on my youtube channel.  But, my mates here (that's you) don't mind so much if my videos aren't up to scratch, so rather than throw away the videos I'll just post them on the blog channel! :)

First up was "Wish You Were Here", which I fumbled too many times through (one take), the tempo was not acceptable, dropped some key melody notes, basically I wasn't happy.  Mostly, I was happy, so it's probably worth a look.

Interestingly, when I posted it, Warner Chappell immediately flagged it and claimed it.  Bugged me a bit, so I deleted it, renamed it, and uploaded it again.  Warner Chappell immediately claimed it again.  Interesting - youtube actually parses the audio and checks if it matches claimed songs.  Worth noting.  I'll take it as a compliment (I play the song so well and true to form that it pattern matches) but in future if I upload a pattern matched song first I'll upload the video without audio, claim it for myself, and then upload the audio.  Ha ha, schneaky :)

Second up was the ever increasing/ongoing Dark Side of the Moon.  Again, hand was still cramping somewhat, even more dropped melody notes, bad tempo - my phone rang at one stage making a racket, I ignored it but it really threw me, played wrong chords and stuff, ha ha.  So you'll see a botched Great Gig in the Sky which I gave up on and moved on, Us and Them is still in production, and I made hard work of Brain Damage which is strange because I've been playing that for years.

But, some of my mates will appreciate it even if it is messy, in fact appreciate it more than they would if it wasn't messy (you can see me laughing at myself because of the ridiculous errors I was making).  Warts and all, but be warned, it is 16 minutes of your life you will never get back :)


  1. great stuff. I think Time is your best song, it's so groovy! Learning it is one of my long term goals...

    I guess my biggest problem is that I fail to replace my hand after flicking, I just can't convine normal picking and flicking... I could pick 3 of the high strings instead of flicking, but the feeling wouldn't be the same at all...


  2. Yeah, "Time" has worked out quite well :)

    I know what you are saying, when you play this loose it's hard to switch between accurate fingerpicking. I think my accurate fingerpicking style has also become loose too, I'm almost strumming individual strings rather than plucking them. Not all songs though - some songs are purely old school fingerpicked. Depends on the style you are after.

    If you look at Ed Khim fingerpicking on his 12 strings, you'd have to be "strumming" to get that technique...finger flicking is the thing, if you widen your stroke you get a few more strings, keep it narrow and you get one string. Hmm, it's something I'm still thinking about...I'm sure it's all a standard technique, some sort of flamenco perhaps?

    The trick is of course to be accurate, which is best done by an anchor like your pinky on the soundboard (if you are happy to do that sort of thing) but more so by keeping your movements minimal, and having an excellent 3D spacial awareness of where your hand is.

    If I ever get there or work it out, I'll let you know! :)


  3. I have not watched it yet (going to after this) but i am really excited to hear it. Warts and all. Especially warts :) I love to see works in progress. It lets us know that everyone (perhaps not T.E. or Jung) starts a song from scratch just like the rest of us mortals :) (even though I'm sure it will be epic) ;)
    Anyway thank you for your time, and of course, sharing your talent.

  4. Just as I thought. :) love it.

  5. Thanks Ryan, it's not up to my acceptable level - thankfully my acceptable level is not excessively high, otherwise I would never have posted anything. But playing to record felt good, made me feel like I need to invest more time into it. I'm not that far from the finish, when you think about it. I need to finalise "Us and Them", need to do something for "Money", but Iggy did a really cool version which I'm going to leverage off. Leaving only really "Any colour you like" which I had a vauge idea of just a free format almost improvised "groove" in the spirit of the song. Leaving out solos. Solos can be later on in life when I've got more time on my hands, and I'm a better player :)

    I put a link on my mp3 list to the mp3 of it - strangely, my other Dark Side of the Moon (Side A) is currently the most downloaded mp3 on my list. I think this one, even warts and all, is better; there is more of it and I prefer the sound quality.


  6. Well, I'm not a big PF fan, the only album I know is Dark Side. I definitely like your rendition!
    Cramping, mistakes, phone ringing, whatever, you seemed to enjoy playing very much :)

  7. Ha, yeah, pf is not for everybody. In fact I discovered Pink Floyd a bit later on - when Momentary Lapse of Reason came out - I was 17, and I explored back earlier albums, I didn't like Syd Barrets style much, but everything from Meddle on really worked for me. I was 2 when Dark Side of the Moon came out. But what does that mean to a fella (and fellarettes) currently in their thirties, or even twenties? Do they think of Pink Floyd like I'd think of Cliff Richard, Bing Crosby or Elvis? Are they the Bach or Beethoven of the 20th century, or just another to-be-forgotten band?

    Hmm, I seem to have digressed.

    But yes, I do enjoy playing the guitar. Any time, any reason, for anyone who will listen even if it is just me and the dog. I much prefer people there with me at the time I'm playing, but, until I get myself organised, inflicting it on my internet mates is working out just fine! :)

  8. I agree on the Floyd. Barret was a sad story but they were much better without him. They are a timeless band for sure. I wasn't a thought in my fathers head when they began playing but I still revere them.
    I have to say I am not surprised about about the MP3 DL stat. Not to diminish in ANY way anything else you do, but the DSotM (and that Aussie rock) is something that only you have. And you do it very well. I'm sure the whole thing will be brilliant when completed.

  9. Hi JAW

    I finally was able to view the video, after a long period of very, very slow internet and no internet at all...

    I must say that I am glad "Stupid Girl" didn't work out (sorry (I do like the song)), but then you wouldn't have put together that beautiful DSotM piece. That 16 minutes of my life that I will never get back, turned into 32 min, then 48 min...

    What a beautiful rendition, warts and all. I am guessing (well not really) that Naudo is a bit of a mentor for you, well you are for me. I would love to be able to play like you do, and maybe someday, when you do the tutorial, I will *not-so subtle hint*



  10. Ryan - 11:24, I guess it's flamenco, I was taught a tiny tiny bit of when I was about 10, re-inspired and re-kindled by Naudo. I didn't pull it off correctly every time, but I think you got the idea :)

    Marc - unfortunately I'm not as a happy with that DSotM rendition as you are. I need to slow down too, it's too rushed. Which doesn't help keeping warts to a minimum. I need to have just one beer or red wine or scotch before starting, and then sip on a second one in between songs. Until I learn how to chillax and calm down from life without the use of alchohol ;)

    But, the most important thing is that it's still progressing, I haven't lost interest. And yep, I still enjoy playing it a lot.

    Speaking of, the missus is heading out to a camp over the weekend, I've got two nights when the kids are in bed I can hide and make some videos. Was planning on getting "Stupid Girl" done, and putting some more effort into my epic "how to arrange a song" video, which is more computery than it is guitary, so I'm not totally inspired...any requests for me to talk through something?

  11. The video isn't perfect, some of it was rushed and you were distracted, but all in all it is an amazing redition, I knew exactly where you were, and where you were going (except the botched Great Gig in the Sky when you stopped).

    Try breathing exercises, meditation, play tired (my favorite), or get one of those beer caps, so you can drink without stopping the song (I like this idea and may go get one myself if I learn to play a song that's long enough to require it, 16 minutes is more than adequate).

    Sometimes having a break is good to re-ignite interest.

    Am looking forward to "Stupid Girl" (and maybe "Mad World", if you get a chance ;) , but as to your epic "how to arrange a song" video, am not too sure, I haven't attempted to arrange my own song. Yet...