Sunday 23 October 2011

Munji...JAW Munji

As (kinda) promised, here is a little video of me first time transcribing my way throught Naudo's James Bond Theme. It's straight off the bat, so if you see any obvious errors, please pipe up! :)


  1. Fabulous post! Thanks so much for this look into your process. It helps demystify the whole thing for me.
    I just recently discovered your site, and I love it. It's very charitable of you to share your time and knowledge, so thanks again.

  2. Thanks Anon, glad it is working out for you. I love fingerstyle, and I can't help but talk about it as much as I can. Unsurprisingly there aren't many people in my day to day life that I can talk fingerstyle with, so the internet is my best bet. When I throw something out there - a blog entry, a video, a tab - and people ask me questions, have a crack at it, or point out some alternate ideas and concepts; i.e. were are talking about fingerstyle - I get my fingerstyle conversation fix! I also can't help but share anything I've worked out that I'm excited about, I get a bit like a kid on Christmas morning. Knowledge needs to, nay, *must be* shared. There's just no need to keep things to yourself, what for, power? control? money? Not everyone has the time or inclination to share what they've discovered, that's fair enough, they are too busy doing the discovery. Perhaps that is the shortcoming - the discoverers aren't knowledge sharers, and the knowledge sharers aren't discoverers. I'm in the middle somewhere; neither a great discoverer or a great sharer, but I'm okay at both. That's why having the likes of Naudo's mate Juan - a sharer - following Naudo - a discoverer - perfect. Juan is following Naudo to, umm, somewhere, next week he tells me, sounds like Naudo is doing a little tour. Juan is hoping to record it. If I hear anything I'll let you know.

    Okay, long paragraph, I got a bit excited there. Anyway, thanks, and I hope you got something useful from all my blurb! :)


  3. Wow! That was a great video. I've been loving the videos you have been posting, especially this one as its pretty informative on how you go about transcribing. Nice editing, etc.

    I've noticed something (off-topic), the "" didn't appear on the bottom right as it did in you last two videos. I thought it looked pretty proffesional in your other two videos.

    Keep up the great work,

  4. Kris - thanks for being my quality control! Completely forgot to add the watermark. Thanks for pointing that out, I've reloaded it complete with watermark. I add the watermark because my videos very quickly appear on many other sites so it's good that a reference back to here is attached. There is the text and discussion that goes around the video...not to mention the 30c a day I get in advertising when people stop past! :)

    This video was an experiment into how easy it would be to make such a video...I do have another one on the go but it's a much bigger task than that was and I think I'm over it, I must not bite off more than I can chew. This was "only" about 2.5hrs of recording and editing and that sort of stuff, which is about my maximum energy for one session!

    As I think of more stuff that would be worthwhile to talk through, I'll post again, but I reckon I'm spent for a month or so!

    Thanks again,

  5. The bond theme sounds really nice and easy, except maybe the ending... good job! As you would call it... it's a crowd pleaser. Looking forward for a full downloadable tab soon :).

    By the way, I saw in the video you use powertab to make tabs, I used it too but now I have tuxguitar, you may want to look at it (it's free). It's the same but it has some cool features, like hiding music notation and compacted tabs so you can see WAY more tab in a single screen.
    And you can open guitar pro and power tab files with it. Of course, getting used to a new program is tiresome. But just so you know...

    As for topics to talk (ramble) about, sadly for me, our interests do not really meet:

    My favorite fingerpicker is Chet Atkins. He is so unique and versatile... but I know you are not much into him. And, in general, into alternate bass melodies.

    I'd also like to hear(read) about playing with other musicians (okay, this one goes a bit against the nature of fingerpicking) but I'd really like to play with people... I think music is like videogames... fun on your own, but funnier with mates!

    I'm looking to get a classical guitar, so I'd like feedback on woods and shapes... thanks to your acoustic vs nylon post I realised I really wanted a classical guitar, but I'm pretty much stuck there. I went to some shops, but vendors were rather hostile towards a couple of 19 year old guys asking to try 1000$ guitars... next time I'll tell my dad to wear tie and shoes and go with him. Duh.

    Sorry for writing too much. Really. lol.

  6. Hey Nil, yep, you mentioned tuxguitar once before and I did look at it but like you say, it is tiresome learning a new I've stuck to powertab :)

    Alt bass? Yeah, not my thing. Playing with other people though, yep, it is more fun with others...except when you have turned yourself into a control freak from too many years of solo fingerstyle, and never bothered learning to improvise or anything useful to bring to a group. The closest I got was playing with drummers, which I still do from time to time. It is a good match for solo fingerstylers. I recommend playing with other guitarists, I think it would be a lot of fun - maybe something in the future for me :)

    I'm still not the right guy to be reviewing guitars though, I don't try all that many. Definitely put on a tie and shoes and go play! It's the only way...but your taste will probably vary every few years; what you like today might not be what you like in a year. I've come the full circle back to nylon classical, and can't see myself changing in the near future, but stranger things have happened!

    Ha, we are quite different Nil, but that's what makes it fun. Always good to hear from you, even if I can't help you much!