Friday 19 August 2011

Stop Press - Naudo's guitar is ready for bids!

Nothing more needs to be said - Best Wishes Naudo!

If you are the eventual winner of the auction, I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Do you think the guitar has any value for PLAYERS?
    The same model can be found cheaper and newer in shops.

    So it's just for collectionists, right?

  2. I'd give that a "Yes". Nice word by the way, "collectionists" :)

    Guitars do "play in" over the years, apparently, I'm not sure if I've felt a guitar get "better" over time, more like I've become familiar with it and it feels and sounds better.

    So really, it's just about owning a Blackie/Frankenstrat - just not quite as well known as those guitars. If you were a punter, you'd say something like "Naudo is going to become as famous a fingerstyle guitar player as you can get"(not very famous)"and therefore the guitar represents an investment opportunity".

    As a minimum, it will forever be seen on the internet - it's in every video of Naudo that has been recorded so far, and those vidoes have been copied far and wide.

    Well, I see it's going to sell - it has been bidded on - so somebody is going to own a piece of history! :)


  3. collectors... hahaha
    don't pick up on my english! hahaha

    I'm considering on bidding for the guitar, if it doesn't get too expensive (actually, if it raises even 150$ I'd rather go for a new one (stop advertising ffs! (joke))).

    Anyway I'd first have to go to a shop and try it...

    such an important decision. I'd be sacrifying my potential future motorcycle for this.

  4. I thought "Collectionists" had a snide, mocking edge to it; "_those_ sorts of buyers, not a _proper_ player buyer" :)

    I think your motorbike is going to be okay - I'm guessing, but I reckon there will be a bit of a last minute rush on it and it will sell for more than a 1000 euros. In fact, let's wager cattle stations on it - I'm guessing 1650 euros :)

    If you were just looking for a guitar to play, I reckon you probably wouldn't want it. I'm guessing (again) that the buyer would be a fan of Naudos, and would play it every now and then to feel "connected" with the great man himself, but mostly it would be something kept on the shelf/in a safe place, giving him a warm fuzzy feeling that he owns a piece of history...with a bit of punters investment thrown in there, and maybe some bragging rights :)

  5. you are right jaw... I'll keep an eye on it anyway, you can always dream...


  6. it has risen 10€!

  7. (holds breath)

  8. ...and sold for 1020euros! Little bit lower than I expected (thought about bidding meself :)) so somebody got a bargain. Was it you Anon? Well done!

  9. Not me, not me...
    I fell in love with that guitar but a friend of mine put my feet back on the ground.

    So my endless search for my dream guitar goes on...

  10. By the way, I am the winning bidder of that guitar. Meant to write to you earlier. I do play bars and private gigs Naudo style and have 3 of these Alhambras. Naudo has inspired me a lot back in a day so I bought his guitar and he sent me pics and a letter. Nice :)
    You can contact me at