Monday 24 January 2011

It's good to be back!

I'm still here, it's good to be back!

Know any good guitar blogs? (other than mine :)) I'm thinking something slightly above "I finally nailed a C-chord!", but maybe not as life-changing, fundamental concept re-aligning as Adam Raffetys blog (not a dig at Adam, love his stuff, but often leaves me feeling overwhelmed and underpowered to take onboard any of it).

Hit me up for some topics this year too, I've got a blank slate at the moment. Nil mentioned "Thumbpick or no Thumbpick", a good subject - I'm still musing over some discussion points.


  1. Hey JAW!

    Long break in blogging, I was afraid your home had been hit by the flood.
    Interesting topic subject? Hey, just start typing a "What's happening 2011.01." entry, inspiration will come :)
    I suppose you have some songs in your pocket, you should post them :)

    I've been looking for Naudo's Jealous Guy, but I just can't find it. I love & play your version, but never heard the original. Do you know a link for it?


  2. Hi Jaw! You reopened, now the place is slowly filling up...
    Lefty is right, if you look for interesting and new guitar related topics, you may not find them, if you just say what you are up to guitarwise - as in the What's Happening, you automatically come up with things to talk about and develop further.

  3. Ha ha, you guys are right. It wasn't until I realised I didn't have anything to say that it is in fact the ramblings that give this blog any energy!

    I obviously knew it when I named this blog, I seem to have forgotten! Thanks for the wake up call and prepare for the return of "What's Happening" :)

  4. Hi Jaw,

    Glad you are back!! I have recently been spending time attempting to better understand all of the interrelated patterns as well as shapes along the guitar neck. I am sure that you are familiar with concepts such as the CAGED system and octave shapes, etc, which can also be taken further with inversions chord embellishment (i.e. Dominate, Minor 7, Major 7), all with specific patterns. While I have been aware of these patterns for quite some time, I find that as I continue to study them my understanding of patterns on the guitar neck becomes more profound to the point where I am beginning to be able to visualize these patterns in my minds eye so to speak. I now attempt to practice playing mentally even when I don't have a guitar present.
    You once mentioned that you believe that Naudo tracks intervals as he plays. While this may be true, I imagine that he really sees all of the musical connections on the guitar in the form of patterns.

    Another thing. I have recently been taken guitar lessons in Brazilian guitar styles from a local music school in Chicago. The guitar instructor who teaches the class, plays very similar to Naudo (not quite as amazing) and tells me that he has never heard of him, however I think that there are some interesting insights into Naudo's style by studying Brazilian rhythms such as samba, and bossa nova(which is actually just a simple variation of samba) and a few others. Also, it is clear that there are many flamenco influences in his technique and arrangement.

    Maybe you have some insight on these two topics.

    P.S. keep the blog coming.