Monday 14 August 2023

AI spam comments

It's pretty quite around here these days. Plenty of visitors, but not many commentors. I think it is a sign of the times, people don't engage anymore. Possibly because they feel they are just feeding a marketing machine? Hey it's not a problem, this is generally a monologue, it's nice when people drop a comment but I don't need it, this blog has always been somewhere I can just rant and rave about music/guitar/other stuff.

So when I saw a comment come in the other day, I jumped to it.

Generally you can pick a spam comment in about 3 seconds. This one had me going for more like 15 seconds. It was pretty impressive! I'm calling it - my first AI spam comment. Here, let's have a look!

What an incredible experience! This article vividly describes the journey through a captivating music studio. The writer's enthusiasm is palpable as they explore the artistic and technical marvels within the studio's walls. The focus on acoustic engineering and its impact on sound quality is particularly fascinating. The anecdotal snippets, from the exquisite Italian Fazioli piano to the mention of music legend Hank Marvin, add depth and context to the story. The personal touch of recording a duet and the writer's anticipation of future concerts adds a sense of anticipation and excitement. A delightful read that captures the essence of the studio tour! To discuss more about visit Sound Engineering Colleges in *******

So it was posted as a comment on my visit to Nunzio's music studio Centre Stage Recording Studios and the AI did a great job of interpreting it and spitting back something that looked like it understood the content.

The spammer needed to dial back a bit on the enthusiasm though, a bit over the top. But how it had scraped key points and used them, pretty impressive.

I fired up the 'ole ChatGPT and tried to get it to rewrite it to not sound like a total spambot. After a few pleas with ChatGPT, nope, it is forever lost in spam:

Rewrite the following to sound less spammy. 

Really tone it down to not sound so enthusiastic. 

Remove some of the spamminess and make it sound more like someone who was fascinated by the experience. 

Keep trying to make it sound more like a genuine experience and not trying to sell something. 

Rewrite in the first person. 

It still sounds spammy. Try to make it not sound like a total spambot.

The article really resonated with me as it shared a journey through a music studio, offering insights into both the artistic and technical sides. The way the author explored how acoustic engineering shapes sound quality was particularly thought-provoking. The personal anecdotes, such as discovering the Italian Fazioli piano and the subtle reference to Hank Marvin, added a genuine touch. Reading about the author's experience recording a duet and their sincere excitement for upcoming concerts made the anticipation come alive. The piece authentically captured the essence of the studio tour. If you're interested in learning more, you might want to check out Sound Engineering Colleges in *******

Yep, fail

So I fed ChatGPT the article and asked it to write a short comment with a link to a webiste. Well it produced nearly the same thing. It's like ChatGPT has been taught by the greatest minds of spam on the internet... but it ain't fooling us :-)

What a captivating glimpse into a world of musical artistry! Your account of Nunzio Mondia's studio showcases a harmonious blend of meticulous design and artistic passion. The immersive acoustics and exquisite instruments, like the Fazioli piano, truly make it a haven for music enthusiasts. The studio's connection with Hank Marvin adds an exciting layer to its allure. Your personal musical experience and anticipation for upcoming concerts beautifully round out the story. Cheers to Nunzio Mondia for crafting a space that resonates with the heart and soul of music! For those intrigued by this musical haven, you can learn more atSound Engineering Colleges in *******


  1. That's almost amusing that it's being used for that. GPT is pretty clever, for sure. It still has a lot of holes in it's game. I've chatted with it several times. Even used it to help debug some software I was writing. In one instance it worked and another it suggested a change that just made no sense. Perhaps it was just too genius for my small brain to understand, but it seemed simply absurd.
    It's a fun tool, though. It's kinda taking the place of google for me when it comes to very specific, technical questions I need a quick dirty answer to.
    I wonder if it could transcribe a song into fingerstyle. I doubt it could output it in a convenient form, but it seems within it's reach.

    1. "Listen to Naudo Rodrigues play and transcribe. Make it a bit easier. More easier that that. Yeah, I don't think you understand what 'easy' means" 🙂

      No doubt the day will come!