Tuesday 27 December 2022

Jawmunji word cloud 2022

I haven't done a word cloud for ages, let's look at one generated by https://wordart.com/create for my 2022 posts!

The big stand out words come from the work I did on guitar necks and nuts this year. 

"Album" features because of a huge article I wrote - and have edited numerous times - about the albums that have influenced me.

My article on swing made it no surprise that the word "swing" got a high rating.  Yah to swing!

"Play" and "guitar" - I'd be disappointed if they weren't there. I was happy to see the word "just" didn't crack a mention. I just say "just" just too much!

Yep, it all sounds like me.  "Good Play Go!"  "Make Album Right!"  "One More Nut!"  "Now Song Guitar Another Classic Need!"


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