Sunday 1 August 2021

What's happening August 2021

I'm supposed to be working on "I want to break free", and I should have recorded videos for "If you leave me now", "While my guitar gentle weeps" and "White room", but instead I've been distracted by adding more into "Something" by The Beatles. Lucky I'm not a professional music arranger with a schedule! 

As I discussed last month my version of "Something" is from 2010 based on Naudo's arrangement. The original key is C but Naudo took it up to D, I followed suit. I have been adding in more bass notes to more closely follow the original song...but not necessary the same ones in the same place, more of a similar feel.

Naudo did his own (brilliant) solo, which I also roughly transcribed, but this time around I wanted the original solo. It is so memorable, etched in my mind forever. I spent some time analysing other solo covers to come up with something that sounds about right sitting over top of some bass notes and some rhythm work. I've got it down, just finishing up the tab. Pretty happy with it...but I was happy with what I did a decade ago, so maybe in another decade I'll do more with it again ;-)

For you interest, here's how the start of the solo looks!

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