Thursday 23 January 2020

Did I inspire Sammy G?

I find Sammy G quite an engaging internet personality and quite often watch his videos when they pop up in my feed. I was watching this one and he mentioned he'd seen a cover of "Here Comes The Sun" when he was in grade 11 or 12, and then played a bit of it. It sounded _a lot_ like my cover, the timing is about right (I posted it in 2006), and that video has over a million views as it was featured back in the day.

The arrangement is basically a copy of an arrangement by John Keans, I changed very little. But he never played it on youtube as far as I know (I wish he had!) So... maybe I was there just at the right time for Sammy G and I didn't know it. There sure were a lot of other players who were there at the right time for me...the universal cookie jar continues to supply cookies! :-)

Check it out below, I've set the relevant start times for you.



  1. 14 years between vids, I think the timing is about right. With over 1M views you would of inspired hundreds of guitarists, including me.

    1. Ha, thanks Mark! Twice now in my home town I have come across a guitarist playing that arrangement. It spins me out. I play it differently now, in fact I've got three ways of playing it. And I have a ukelele version. Well, half a version. Although ukes are cool, I'm not inspired enough to finish anything on them :-)