Saturday 23 November 2019

What's happening November 2019

I'm currently obsessed with a song. Well, two actually, one was about 3 weeks ago, the other from a few days ago. It's hard to be properly obsessed with two songs at the same time, so one moved into the other. Fortunately I'd nearly finished the first before the second arrived.

(I have a lot of other things I should be doing. My poor wifey deserves better.)

The first is ELO Telephone Line. Not sure why it came back into my life, loved it as a kid, love it when I hear it, must have been a "heard in shops 'I can fingerstyle that'" usual thing. Own arrangement, it's pretty good, I just can't play it well yet ;-) Here's bits of it in a demo:

Telephone Line demo:

The second was a Naudo, posted a few days ago. Chicago "If You Leave Me Now". He absolutely nailed it. Had to do it. When a song is sung high/falsetto it works really well as fingerstyle, because the melody sits nice and high above the bass and mid fill. This particular song has some nice complex chords in it. In fact so does Telephone Line. I must be getting in touch with my inner Jazz musician; the one who appreciates more than just basic rock. Here's bits of it in a demo, it is much rougher than the previous:
If You Leave Me Now demo:

There you go! Busy!

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