Friday 30 March 2012

When the world is against you...

Still gigging on Thursday nights and still enjoying it.  Last night it seemed the world was against me - I'd fallen off my bike while riding home from work two days prior and banged up my knee and left arm on the road. I was wearing gloves at the time but still managed to smash blood blisters under 3 out of 4 left hand fingernails.  Not to mention breaking a nail on my right hand :(

I was tempted to call in sick, but instead I popped a couple of painkillers and headed in.  I knew I'd regret it if I didn't go.

It was quite a windy night threatening rain, only ten people were there.  I sat down as comfortable as I could with one knee I couldn't bend and got stuck into it.  I chatted between songs with a nearby table of four, who graciously filled my glass with wine :)  It turns out they'd heard me while walking past a few Thursdays previously and decided to come down to have a listen.  Yah! That's the thing I'm hoping for.

It turned out to be a good albeit quiet night, left fingers hurt but I played through regardless.  I even put out my less-played more difficult songs, to keep them fresh.  There was nobody left by 8:30; Joel who organises the kitchen made me a delicious pizza and I shot through.

When the world seems to be against you, that is most definitely the time to keep going - with all things!


  1. Now that, my friend, is dedication.

    cheers and hope your well soon!

  2. Glad to see you persevered. If it is anything like my martial arts training, I get the most out of it when it is most difficult to go.

    I am glad you convinced me to do this 6 month, cert III Music course. Within the first few weeks I learnt key signatures, circle of fifths (major and relative minor), reading notation, song structure, scales, what makes up a chord, PA setup, etc. And is great that I can ask questions to clarify things.
    I tried learning these things from the internet, and there is a wealth of information out there, but it just didn't "click".
    You said previously that studying wasn't for everyone, and can take the magic out of music, I agree, luckily for me I am one of those people that have a need to understand something. I think music is such a beautiful language, and it is exciting to learn how to speak and write it.

    Anyway, enough drivel from me.


    P.S. Do you talk between songs? I find its good to help you connect with the audience

  3. Ha, yeah thanks Ryan. The more I think about it the more I realise I actually got out of it lightly just losing bark. Guys go down for less and end up with broken arms, collar bones, etc. At least I'm only dealing with flesh wounds!

    Hey Marc - remember, you convinced yourself, I just told you to listen to yourself :) Great to hear it's working out. I'm a little jealous actually, I know exactly what you mean when you say things just didn't click, and how good it is when they do. I look forward to the day when I get the chance also. Although some of the magic would disappear, I'm like you, I need to know how everything works.

    I definitely talk between songs. That communication is what makes it really enjoyable. You get eye and facial contact while playing, which is about as much as you can process during a song, but when you can chat about the song you just played afterwards - gold. I only need one person in the crowd occasionally listening actively and it makes my night. If there is nobody listening, well I got a good practise session in :)


  4. JAW, this is really inspirational stuff!
    Because guitar is a really important aspect of my life, and my approach to guitar has been mostly defined by you, I can actually list you as one of the most influential people of my life!

    By the way, "Time lesson" is the most popular entry of your blog, but I see no tab for time!
    I know tabbing the psychodelic intro would be silly but if we just had the tab of the 8 measures you play in the video it would be fantastic. Remember, english is just a language, but numbers are universal!!
    (Please please)

    JAW I love you (in a manly way).

  5. Haha, i have to agree with Anon :)

    Chelsea and I got a gig at a small restaurant in town. It's still a couple weeks off, but I have to say I am actually nervous. After thinking about you flying off you bike, though, and bloodying your hands before you played, I feel much less anxiety about it. If something can go that wrong and still turn out great then I have no fears. :)

    Wish us luck Jason, and I hope your mending well.

  6. Thanks Anon - yeah, I should do a Time tab, there's a few people out there who would appreciate it! You've looked at both the lesson videos so far? Glad I'm helping out - and that the love is in a manly way :) And remember, if you are following me then you are following Naudo - he is the most influential guitarist in my life, my style is emulating his (but I guess I have my own style because I can't play exactly like him.)

    Ryan (& Chels) - excellent! My gig is great, I'm still enjoying it heaps, and you should enjoy yours too. It's the connection with the audience, specifically with individual people actively listening. I still have a bit of anxiety but it's all very cruisy now, I remember to have fun. For example, in the last session I mucked around a long-winded corny over-the-top ending to a song, lots of finger rolls and jingle bells and final chord inversions, and when I laughed out loud at the end a lady said "you're just having fun aren't you?" And that's where I am. I _am_ having fun.

    You'll do the anxious thing, and you'll stuff things up, and then you'll realise that 90% of what you are doing is great and the people forgive you for the 10% that is not (and you forgive yourself) and then you can start having fun.

    Great to hear, and I want updates on how you go! (I must keep writing little anecdotes describing the stages of gig I'm going through. Okay, this was one, but people don't normally follow comments...)


  7. yes, yes! you should do a Time tab... (my bithday is in 2 weeks, just saying).