Monday 4 July 2011

What's happening video July 2011

Another video blog!  I got excited when my "present to self" came in today, a Zoom H1 audio recorder, so I knocked up a what's happening video to test/celebrate.  I say nice things about the Zoom H1, hint hint if you want to advertise with me Zoom...ha!  Nah, on that front, well let's just say I can buy at least one set of strings per month, so although I can't give up my day job, there's enough left over for a few beers and a pizza :)

Again with the text, bring on the video!


  1. Hey! You certainly seem calm now in the Vid. There was even a controlled excitement; you seemed to really be enjoying that one.
    Very well done, mate. I must confess I have never heard that song before.. I'll have to zip over to YT and check it out. What a funky bass line! And well done on incorporating it into the song, flawless work my man.

    That tab-over-video is a great way to do this. Very well done :)

    And great new equipment, I can't wait to get my hands on something better. Chel's and I will have to pool our money and buy something like that.


  2. Ha, yeah, a bit calmer, I wasn't even powered by beer that time :) The average non-Aussie wouldn't have heard that song, it's 70's Aussie rock...but all Aussies know it, it's a popular cricket song.

    Re-watching it I realise I could have said a few things differently, and I left in mistakes I made, but I figure maybe another hundred more of that sort of video and I would be better at it...

    The mic turned out nice. Being stereo it gives a depth perception which is lacking in mono audio. It's only just noticeable, I might need to tweak the placement to find the optimal location. The EQ balance was great straight out, I did a very minor sweep of the mids to give the sound a bit more punch in the bass and treble. The webcam mic sounds tinny and echoey compared to this. I might even consider doing my youtube vids with this rather than plugged in.

    As far as a lesson goes however, that video wasn't that good. I talked about a few subtleties to start with in the playing, and then just bashed out the rest without stopping. I wasn't really aiming for a full lesson though, but I figure the tab overlay will stop anyone who cares from asking for the tab :)

    Thanks for the comment RDG!