Monday 23 February 2009

What's happening February 2009

Day job, day job and more day job.  But on the guitar front, Space Oddity is done and ready to be recorded, but I haven't tabbed it out.  Must tab first, people like the tab.  I've always said that anything you read on the internet should have something you can take away with you, for my guitar videos that'd be the tab.

In other news I created a great resolve for the harmonica solo in Head Over Feet, in fact I played it to my missus and said "what do you think of the harmonica resolve?" she immediately said "that's great" with a straight face. I looked at her, first with a puzzled expression, then I pissed myself laughing.  She's not a big fan of the guitar (20 years of listening to someone practise will do that to you).  Ah, you had to be there.

Okay, I've started on Naudo's Stand By Me.  It will be fairly easy in fact.  But you'll need a lot of thumb independence skill, and a really steady right hand.  Punters won't be able to play it, but people who will be able to play it will be able to play it, but they won't need the tab.  Well...that made no sense at all.  Basically what I am trying to say is that 200 people per day will download the tab, and 1 person per month will actually be able to play it ;)  Not to matter, it's a bit like buying gym equipment - the act of purchase/getting something made you feel better, even if in the long run you get no return on your investment whatsoever.  An attempt to buy a good physique/acquire guitar skills.  It doesn't work like that ;)

See you next month.


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