Saturday 6 September 2008

Jealous Guy

A while back I ripped all of Naudos songs to mp3 and a CD of them has been playing in my car non stop for nearly a year now.  Rather than just listen, I analyse what he is up to, and what I could do with the song if I had a try.  I decided about 6 months ago that I should get a few "easy keepers" into my repetoir; songs like "Baby can I hold you" and "Losing my religion" are easy to learn and remember, but most importantly they sound great.

For the past week I've had "Jealous Guy" on repeat.  Which means about 3 plays between my house and the train station.  The song suits what I've currently been working with - very deliberate strum, simple bassline and a high note melody on top.  I particularly love the bridge he put in there as well.  He is the king of improvising a solo in a well known song that obeys the laws and theme of the tune.

So anyway, sometime soon I'm going to start tabbing out Jealous Guy.  I'm pretty busy with work and the family at the moment, so don't expect it soon. I haven't played the guitar for about 5 days in a row at the moment, I'm getting withdrawal pain! ;)


  1. hello there i want to have a copy of NAUDO,s music..if you could give me some please..ive been watching it in you tube..cant find mp3 please.

  2. Unfortunately Naudo's music doesn't exist as a studio recording - but Roman and I asked him the question - would he be interested in recording some of his stuff in a professional environment?  We haven't heard back from him as of April 2010.

    Any mp3s that exist are simply the audio from the youtube videos, which you can create for yourself - google how to do it!


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