Monday 25 August 2008


...they call me "JAW" but that username isn't often available so I go with the "Jawmunji", a name given to me by an an old boss and so unique on the web that if you see it, yep, it is me.  Indeed, it is a reference to the movie Jumunji, I'm not of the clan "Munji" (yes, I have been asked). In real life I am Jason Waddell, and by saying that the internet now knows the connection, job done.

The purpose of this blog is for me to rants and raves about playing guitar.  Lets see if I can explain why:
  • I post videos of me playing songs on youtube (, but that's not really a place for ranting and raving.
  • I've got a lot to talk about and occasionally the tens and tens of people who read this blog might find stuff useful, insightful, or just plain humourous.
  • I spend all day in front of computers and I can type fast so finding time now and then to blog is convenient.  However I don't get much time to play guitar (to paraphrase John Denver "I'd play my guitar all day if I could but The Lord and my wife wouldn't take it very good") - so if I can't play much, then I will talk about playing instead.
That's enough for now.  It's just a blog, not a full blown memoir.  I'll be in touch.



  1. Hey

    I was just reading you blog about crazy little thing called love.

    I have the actual Edgar Cruz Tab taken from his DVD.

    Do you want it. I think it is much better then Naudos version.

    send me a msg or something if you want it.


  2. YOU HAVE TO DO THIS SONG- Day By Day-Godspell-1972-(Single Version)

  3. Thanks Jaw for all the time and effort you put into the tabs etc i agree naudo is fab but your also very cool at playing yourself. im a learner trying to master the losing my religion tab.
    keep up the good work something we share in common is electrical engineering i also am spark.
    have done my apprenticeship and a hnc in electronic engineering.
    thanks for the inspiration .

    p.s just a thought WHY DONT YOU DO SOME GUITAR LESSONS SLOWLY WITH A BETTER VIEW OF THE FRETS AND PLACEMENTS OF FINGERS i think this would be really popular and well viewed by people like me.
    just an idea.
    cheers john

  4. hi M8 any word on doing some slow lessons on rem losing my religion?
    just a thought i know your very busy.
    but i thought i would ask.
    cheers again

  5. I've done a Losing my Religion lesson - look up jawmunji on Enjoy!

  6. JAW how can I access the Losing my Religion lesson? sevenload "does not offer it's service to my country".

    Thanks :D

  7. Indeed - you know it says the same thing to me, and I put it there in the first place! I'll put a copy somewhere useful so anyone can see it (not that it's a very good lesson, but it's better than nothing :))

  8. I've put that lesson on picasa , I don't like it, I didn't do a very good job (was very early stages of learning how to teach).

    I am going to come up with a better solution for hosting video lessons (but not youtube)...some time :)

    Note: I noticed that you can't fast forward into a section unless it is buffered make sure the parts you want to fast forward into are buffered (light red). I hope that made sense!


    1. Thank you for your shares with us, JAW, it feels good to be helped reach our goals. I wish you can continue playing the guitar and sharing it with us. You are a great guitar player.

    2. Thanks Anon, glad to help out! What can be better than playing the guitar, and sharing it with others! :-)

  9. Hey mate just want to say your amazing so many great fingerstyle guitarists out there but not enough Aussie ones ... Thanks for the covers of good ol Aussie bands and keep it up cheers.

    1. Seriously I put you up there with tommy Emanuel. But tommy is amazingly skilled but also very polished and clean .. Listening to you though.. The composing is very enjoyable with a raw feel. Sometimes your guitar doesn't sound like it's tuned properly I'm not sure if this is because of the unorthodox finger positioning it takes to get the rhythm and melody of the the song but it still sounds amazing.

    2. Thanks Harley! Yeah, sometimes I'm a bit out of tune. I normally tune up before I start, by the time I've got a good take sometimes I realise I was a bit out of tune. And yeah, on the nylon strings some frettings bend the string out of tune. When I'm gigging, I remember to quickly check and retune every 2-3 songs.

      And yep, "raw" is a polite way of saying that my playing is a bit sloppy and unpolished. I found a long time ago that trying to be perfect is soul destroying, if you aren't prepared to put in the sort of time Tommy does, so it's okay to forgive yourself and just play :-)

      Aussie rock - somebody has to do it! Love the Aussie rock!

      Thanks for stopping by,