Monday, 10 March 2014

Tabs back online...

UPDATE 2:  I couldn't wait, so I have hacked some code and got the tabs working again.  Yah!  Enjoy!



UPDATE 1:  Still no joy, I have zipped up all the tabs and put them here for now:


Sorry everyone, the tabs still aren't working, but I hope to have it resolved soon. My ISP recently upgraded some stuff and my old perl scripts stopped working.  I have worked out what is going on, and if you are super desperate for now, edit the link address from something like  to

I'm hoping we will be back online in the next day or two! :)



  1. Hey, just wanted to say thank you for all your tabs. I've taught myself Wish You Were Here, Here Comes the Sun, and a modified version of Pachelbel's Canon. They've been an absolutely invaluable resource as I've taught myself guitar over the past few years, and I'm always recommending them to other guitar players looking to improve. Thanks again!

    1. No worries, glad to help out. Have you YouTubed the stuff you've learnt? Send me a link! It's good for you to put them out there, for many reasons :-) Thanks for the feedback!